Suzuki violin

Lately , I have enrolled Shi Xu's in a Suzuki violin class. I brought him to a music school and let him choose between piano and violin ( the friendly lady let him play with violin and piano in the school ) .Surprisingly he loves violin so much ,he has so much delight and excitement in just playing with the small violin which suitable to his size and begged me to bring back the violin! ( In fact , he enjoyed playing piano too, but just doesn't like as much as violin , and I don't want to stresss him up by learning 2 muscial instrucments in a weekend , so i asked him to choose between them ) .Well , he had chosen the musical instument he likes more->violin .

What is Suzuki Violin ? In Suzuki violin school,teacher teaches violin base on Suzuki method . Suzuki method believe that music is a language, and all children have an innate talent on language .Suzuki teaches musical language in the same way we're taught to speak.It just likes children learn speaking but need not to know reading .Thus children play violin but they are not required to learn how to read music notes . The beginning stages of the Suzuki instructional series emphasize playing by ear rather than by reading music. Their excellent teaching method, enables them to teach children as young as 2 or 3 years old to listen, memorize notes and play violins really well.

As I said ,Suzuki method focuses on learning music by ear as well as memory, that is, listening to a piece of music and then imitating it.This develops a sophisticated ear for pitch and tone which enables a child to play with greater sensitivity and slowly they will be able to differentiate each note. Once they can achieve this feat, the rest becomes easier.

In Suzuki method ,parent's participation is required. The parents are encouraged to help with their children's exercises and take home activities. Thus they are also included during the suzuki violin lessons, as they watch and take note of the happenings inside the class.So i am the one who involved in it :P ( and now I am learning violin too ! hehe ...)

I hope he can learn well in this music school with this excellent teaching method .


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